Visit to the case study  of city of Karlovac, in order to select the most vulnerable bridges crossing the Kupa river, was organized on June 5th 2020. A short meeting with representatives of Croatian Roads was held at their offices, followed by the visit to 4 bridges in the city center. The consortium members were accompanied by the representative of Croatian road, who pointed out to bridge – related issues they, as stakeholders, have to deal with.

The consortium members decided that the bridges which will be instrumented and tested in the following phase are:road bridge on state road DC 1 (‘prilaz Vjeceslava Holjevca’) and road bridge on local road (‘Banijski bridge’)

After a detailed inspection of these bridges, it was shown that the structure of both bridges is burdened by many problems, including foundation scouring, bad condition of deck, drainage issues etc. In the same time, these bridges are most important transportation infrastructure assets in the city of Karlovac. The representatives of stakeholders will send a documentation for these bridges which will serve as a starting point for investigation activities.