When? July 14th 2022

Where? Plitvička jezera, Croatia

               Ethno Houses Plitvica Selo


Technical information

Key outcomes


Program: UCPM-2019-PP-AG, EU CPM
Project duration: 01.12.2019. – 31.07.2022.
Project Cost: € 586,192.00
EU contribution: € 498,260.00

  • GIS on-line IMS platform with operational GIS layers that contain inventory of critical infrastructure in pilot areas;
  • Risk assessment tool applied in pilot areas;
  • For CPAs: a set of guidelines on how to implement the results in existing procedures and in emergency plans;
  • For IMs: development of strategies for adaptation measures based on a specific vulnerability of embankments and bridges.

For participation, register by July 1st 2022 on:
Registration – oVERFLOw final conference

Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb
prof. Meho Sasa Kovacevic, msk@grad.hr
assoc.prof. Mario Bacic, mbacic@grad.hr
assoc.prof. Lovorka Libric, llibric@grad.hr