GEKOM - Geophysical and ecological modeling Ltd.

  • GEKOM-Geophysical and ecological modelling Ltd. is knowledge based company that was founded by scientists in 2007. with the goal of adopting, consolidating and improving existing knowledge, techniques and methodologies in the domain of geophysical (atmosphere physics, physical oceanography, hydrology) and ecological modelling (air quality, water quality, population dynamics, vegetation dynamics, spatial distribution of ecological variables, biomass production, etc.) in order to support effective solving of multidisciplinary problems in environmental resource management.
  • GEKOM’s employees are experienced geophysicists, matematicians/programmers, environmental technologists and biologists with knowledge and skills for solving complex tasks of geophysical and ecological modelling, as well as automatization, visualisation and interpretation of modelling results.
  • Gekom currently employs 6 full-time personnel, of which 1 PhD students and other hold Master of Science. Through participation in R&D projects (FP7, EUREKA WEBAIR I and WEBAIR II, COST Actions, own research projects), in collaboration with academic institutions and other companies, we continuously enhance our knowledge and services. With its broad spectrum of services, capabilities and references, we are recognised as a unique environmental modelling services provider in Croatia.

Melita Buric
Gekom d.o.o.

Sanja Grguric
Gekom d.o.o.