• The Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Holland Zuid (the Safety Region South-Holland South / VRZHZ) is one of the 25 safety regions in the Netherlands. It is a public body, enshrined in national Law. Its Board consist of the 10 Mayors of the 10 municipalities in the most Southern part of the province of South-Holland.
    By Law the Safety Region is responsible for the fire and rescue service, coordination of medical emergency management, the 112-emergency room, crisis and disaster management and advice on risk management and prevention.
  • The Safety Region South-Holland South has extensive experience as lead partner in four DRM related EU projects MiSRaR (Interreg IVc), PRISMA, CRISMAS and CapaCities (DG-ECHO). The region also participated in the DRM related EU projects PREDICT and COSMIC (Horizon2020), MEREPUV (DG-ECHO) and the EU Peer Review Programme for Disaster Risk Management (European Commission). The area South-Holland South is situated between the important rivers in the Netherlands, very low and protected by dikes. Flooding is one the most important risk in this region. The area is also from high economic importance, close to the port of Rotterdam and its industry, with important critical infrastructure like road, train and waterways (including the largest shunt yard in Europe), international pipelines and a international gas pump station. Transport and industrial risk are another important risk category.
  • With 300 professionals and 800 volunteers the safety region works on their tasks related to civil protection, firefighting, coordination of the medical health care in time of crisis, coordination & preparedness on crisis management (including information management and crisis communication) and advising the municipalities on prevention and pro-action (including risk communication).

Chi Brouwer
Veiligheidsregio Zuid-Holland Zuid